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Sportsman’s Daily’s Experiment with Outsourcing Satire Overseas Deemed Epic Failure

The Problem: Sports Humor Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation. This undated photo shows an overseas office bustling with sports satire that may be hard hitting, but dripping with ambiguity. y.  

BOCA RATON, FL (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) With the cost of satire on the rise, The Sportsman’s Daily made a bold move in September by outsourcing a bulk of its satirical writing overseas.  The sense of excitement in the company’s main office soon turned to one of profound frustration.  

“You remember when those Tom and Jerry cartoons where made behind the Iron Curtain for a spell?” said veteran TSD columnist Chet Lassiter, referring to when the cartoon franchise was shipped to Czechoslovakia in the early 1960’s under the eye of producer Gene Deitch, resulting in uneven and often awkward results. “Well, this was like ten times worse. With all due respect to our friends in India, referencing Northern Indian musically complex six against seventeen rhythmic tabla patterns as a metaphor for the sexual exploits of Stefan Marbury doesn’t play to the factory worker in Ohio – though we appreciate the effort.”

“We wanted to have our writing staff focus more on our multimedia platforms,” said TSD Editor-in-Chief, Charles Epstein, explaining the decision. “Certainly on paper, this seemed a wise move – that is until our esteemed colleagues overseas actually began the translation process. After a month or so, the complaints started coming in by the ton. We had no choice but to put on our writing caps again. We pulled out every sports satire device we could to save the day – to do doing anything for a laugh.  In fact, several of the staff worked through Thanksgiving to find something funny to say about Donovan McNabb. We’re still working on that. Let me say for the record, I am told that the stories in their original Marathi were a hoot!”  

The company says it now regrets the move, claiming they “spread themselves too thin.”

The Sportsman’s Daily is in the process now of taking down some of the stories in question.  However management understands several of the articles are sure to surface on other sites.

“We can’t remove it all,” added Epstein. “I was particularly dismayed by the references to Satyajit Ray’s 1962 film, Kanchenjungha, the story of an upper-class family’s afternoon spent in Darjeeling. I fail to see the connection with the NHL pre-season.”

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