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The Bronx Is Burning’s John Torturro Channels Billy Martin; Beats Up Reggie Jackson Actor

John Torturro

"Hey, Hot Dog!! You want a piece of this??!! How about I break your face for ya?" Famed New York actor John Torturro can't separate his Billy Martin character from reality. The Bronx Is Burning press conference turns into three-ring circus as fifty year old actor freaks out.

NEW YORK, NY (Sportman’s Daily Wire Service) – During a media conference in Manhattan on Monday afternoon, award-winning actor John Torturro, who plays embattled New York Yankees manager Billy Martin in the ESPN mini-series The Bronx Is Burning, jumped over a podium and grabbed Reggie Jackson actor Daniel Sunjata by the collar, wrestled him to the floor and connected on several punches as security quickly intervened. Sunjata was unable to channel Reggie Jackson at any point during the melee, and was soundly thrashed by Torturro.

“I’ve been acting long enough to be able to channel somebody for Christ’s sake,” a visibly upset Sunjata said. “Hats off to John for really releasing his inhibitions and letting the alcoholic, cold-blooded rage of the late Billy Martin flow through him. That’s a great New York actor for you. I’m from Evanston, Illinois - so I guess I’ve got some work to do. Obviously, in a real fight Jackson would have kicked Martin’s ass.”

A weepy Torturro, still in his Martin character, later apologized to his fans, Sunjata, Reggie Jackson himself, George Steinbrenner, and Steinbrenner actor Oliver Platt. “It happens sometimes,” Torturro/Martin said. “I get into these characters and I just lose it. I’m sorry, but every time I look at that fucker (Sunjata/Jackson) I just see a million-dollar hotdog who loafs in the outfield. I’d like to send Paul Blair to right field right now to replace him.”

With that, Torturro, enraged again, went looking for Sunjata. Former Yankees pitcher Ken Holtzman and Holtzman actor Rob Lavin stepped in to hold back the volatile thespian as he barked expletives at Sunjata. This time, Sunjata was ready with dazzling Jackson-esque repartee questioning the embittered Yankee skipper’s intellect, manhood, and the ability to hit the 3-2 slider in his playing days. Sunjata quickly resumed his own personality joking with reporters as an uncertain Turturro continued to waffle in the backwash of fringe Coen Brothers characters. Torturro then unexpectedly produced a Reggie Bar from his coat pocket and began to unwrap it. With a huge grin he began to eat the chocolate-peanut cluster from the middle out. “You know what I’m doing hot dog??” Torturro screamed. “I’m eating your heart out! Wrap your snappy vocabulary around that Mr. October.” Torturro continued speaking for several minutes in confusing non-sequiturs as reporters vacated the premises en masse.

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