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Rookie Pitcher Insists Ku Klux Klan Is Openly Attending Baseball Games

Jerry Stemplewski Finds Hanging K’s Offensive

Man with K sign

KKKonfused! These K’s are for strikeouts. But Jerry Stemplewski ain’t having it. .

DALLAS, TX (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — In baseball, the letter K has always stood for a strikeout. For nearly two decades, fans in the upper decks of Major League stadiums have been flashing and hanging cards that show the letter to indicate when their team’s pitcher has registered a strikeout. Try telling that to rookie hurler Jerry Stemplewski. The Texas Rangers right hander insists the cards are being placed there by members of the Ku Klux Klan.

“I can’t believe how unbelievably offensive and bold the Ku Klux Klan can be,” said Stemplewski. “Two days ago right after Kevin Millwood notched his third whiff, those freakin’ racists held up a KKK sign. The bastards! I can’t even imagine how my African-American teammates feel.”

Travis Earl Stokes, a former Grand Dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Mobile, Alabama is now an outspoken advocate against the Klan. He can’t understand how the hanging K signs can confuse Stemplewski.

“I’ve basically been confused my whole life,” said Stokes. “And a lot of my associates, both former and current, are pretty damn dumb. But this boy is just flat out stupid.”

Rangers’ leftfielder Brandon Boggs who is African-American, explained to Stemplewski that K’s indicated strikeouts and that the fans, many of whom were black, hung the K signs over the railing to encourage Millwood to get more.

“When Mills (Millwood) got his third strikeout Stemplewski damn near freaked out when he saw the KKK. He was throwin’ bats and shit. And he’s a white boy,” said Boggs. “I’m serious dawg. Al Sharpton wouldn’t get this pissed. Damn.”

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