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High School Basketball Video Surfaces of Sarah Palin; Scores 22 Points While Taunting Russians

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Sarah-nading the Soviets. Sarah Heath (now Palin), number 22 on the right, let Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev have an earful. Here she's playing in a game shortly after the infamous December 5th taunting.

ANCHORAGE, AK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s qualifications as a legitimate player on the world stage have been questioned by both Democrats and Republicans. Critics contend that Palin supporter’s claim that she stares down the Russians merely due to Alaska’s proximately to Siberia is ludicrous. However, Palin’s credentials may have just gotten a huge boost from some life experience one wouldn’t expect: Her Wasilla High School basketball days.

Palin, then Sarah Heath, was known as “Sarah Barracuda” for her intense style of play on the court. The level of intensity had been speculated on for days, until some video tape surfaced showing Palin in the middle of a full scale melee which witnesses say was precipitated by the protracted glares of Soviet Party First Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, who attended a game on December 5, 1981 during a visit to the Anchorage area.

“She got in the face of Flo Jefferson, one of Burchell High School’s top scorers, with her high powered finger pointing and damning scripture quoting – and it was on,” said teammate Mary Larson, now a 44 year old mom who still lives near Anchorage. “But after the game she blamed Brezhnev for what she would later refer to as his ‘creepy gaze.’”

In fact, several teammates confirm that Palin simply transferred her anger to Jefferson while she was in fact grilling Brezhnev about the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. Every time down the floor Palin would lash out at the Russian leader with taunts of “You have to answer for the senseless slaughter of Gabek Pospisil, you murdering commie bastard” and “Nice eyebrows asshole!”

“She didn’t stop,” added Larson. “When she started bringing up Afghanistan, things got out of hand. How she was able to drop 22 points in the middle of a full scale brawl is a mind blower. She’s a better hockey mom—Vice-Presidential nominee than me I guess.”

Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama disputes the incident even occurred.

“Brezhnev didn’t care for basketball. So, he wouldn’t have attended. This sounds like Karl Rove again.” said Obama. “No, it was hockey. Hockey was clearly Brezhnev’s thing. In fact, I understand he once ordered arena officials in Gdansk to electrify the rink to inspire the players more. 10,000 volts of electricity coming through your skates will make you focus.”

But Republican insiders disagree.

“To me the December 5th showdown with Brezhnev should illustrate to the world that Sarah Palin’s not afraid to put the Russian leadership’s balls in a vice and squeeze until their eyes turn borscht red,” said Republican strategist Ed Rollins. “Which is a visual that I think should be the clincher for any fence-sitting, sexually deprived Reagan Democrat.”

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