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NFL Prayer Circle Goes Silent as Players Swear they See Image of Jesus on Teammate's Crucifix


All crossed up!  Sal Rondazzo, locker room attendant for the Jags, claims he saw the image of Jesus as well. "What it was doing on Davis' crucifix I'll never know," said Rondazzo. "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

JACKSONVILLE, FL (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — As the NFL regular season approaches and two-a-days are becoming increasingly grueling in an unrelenting late summer sun, players are beginning to exhibit strange behavior. Jacksonville Jaguars players are still buzzing about something they couldn’t explain moments after their pre-season 24-3 drubbing of the Redskins in Washington last week. Several players, while worshipping in a prayer circle claim they saw the image of Jesus appear to them.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes,” said fullback Montell Owens. “Actually one eye, as I was wearing a patch on the other one after being poked – but still, it was Jesus baby. It was Jesus!”

Jags Head Coach Jack Del Rio informed his players that they did indeed see the image, but it was actually on a small crucifix worn by tight end Charles Davis which Del Rio feels may have always been there.

“I suspect the image was placed their intentionally by the Manny Gutierrez Religious Icons and Memorabilia Manufacturing Company of Evanston, Illinois,” said Del Rio. “At least that’s what the inscription on the back read. I’ve got a head for these kinds of things.”

“I broke down and cried like a baby when I saw it,” said defensive lineman Mkristo Bruce. “A profound silence fell over the circle. Jaws dropped. Eyes bulged. With all due respect to coach, an image of Jesus on a crucifix is just something you don’t see everyday.”

“Actually it is something you see everyday,” Del Rio countered. “You can go into any Christian book store in this country and pick up a small crucifix with an image of Jesus on it. They roll off an assembly line by the thousands for Christ’s sake. And I actually mean ‘for Christ’s sake.’”

Former Scottish soccer standout, Angus Hitchens, a recent arrival vying for the kicking spot on the team, and a devout atheist, concurs. “I saw the image on the crucifix too,” said Hitchens. “I’m beginning to rethink everything. And I’m not so sure I like that

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