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Michael Vick Accused of Breeding and Selling Sight-Impaired Seeing Eye Dogs

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Dog-eared seeing eye chart found among canine-related paraphernalia discovered on Michael Vick's property. "It's literally a case of the blind leading the blind," said Kathy Strouse, lead investigator. "It's fortunate that we caught this before more sight-impaired people were lead into rush hour traffic."

SMITHFIELD, Va. (The Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) – While authorities continue to investigate evidence suggesting that a home owned by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was involved in a dog fighting operation, new allegations accuse him of breeding, training and selling dozens of seeing eye dogs – or “guide dogs” -- with blurred vision and astigmatism.

The case began April 25 when police conducting a drug investigation raided Vick’s home in Surry County and found an estimated 60 pit bulls – some with scars, others suffering from malnutrition and injuries – as well as several items associated with dog fighting, which is a felony in Virginia. Vick blamed relatives who live at his house, who he claimed took advantage of his generosity and long absences.

New allegations surfaced after authorities found evidence linking Vick to a recent, bizarre string of mishaps involving some twenty guide dogs who lead their unwitting, vision-impaired owners into heavy traffic, through plate glass windows and, in one case, off a bridge (the owner landed on a passing garbage barge and survived the fall).

“When investigators visited the site, they discovered animal neglect, but they also found several disoriented, though otherwise seemingly fit German Shepherds among the pit bulls,” said Surry County Administrator Tyrone Franklin. “When they were examined it was discovered they were highly trained, though severely sight-challenged guide dogs. It didn’t take long to put two and two together and realize that the recent rash of accidents across the state was in some way connected.”

Vick vehemently denied having any knowledge of the seeing eye dogs found on his property, and immediately blamed any improprieties on the sixty-eight relatives who live – and apparently “work” -- on the Vick estate.

“How can anyone expect me to keep tabs on sixty-eight people, especially when I’m almost never there? I’m sorry if anyone was accidentally lead into oncoming traffic, into the wrong bus or into wrong restroom, but I had nothing whatsoever to do with this. If it turns out to be a third cousin who used my home and property to turn a quick profit off of unsuspecting people with vision problems, I’ll be extremely pissed. It’s just bad judgment. Particularly when you can make a lot more money putting two highly-trained, near-blind German Shepherds in a ring and letting them fight to the death. Hell, I’d even pay to see that.”

Vick, the former Virginia Tech quarterback, in recent weeks has been sternly warned against misbehavior by Falcons owner Arthur Blank, and summoned to New York to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Vick has tried quelling the controversy, making a donation to the Humane Society and recording a public service announcement calling for the proper treatment of canines and house pets. In recent days he’s been seen out in public with two well-groomed toy poodles named Cuddles and Oliver. Cynics insist it’s just a publicity stunt, though friends of Vick’s insist the three are inseparable.

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