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Miami Cold Snap Catches Bears with Pants Down; Team Packed for 70+ Degree Weather


Guests at Miami hotel with frozen drinks, a sign of the frigid weather that greeted the Bears' arrival.

MIAMI, FL (The Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) The NFC champions arrived in Miami expecting to be greeted by balmy breezes as they stepped off their charter plane. But with the temperature an unseasonable 62 degrees, with a stiff wind making it feel like 61 degrees, the Bears were caught – almost, but not quite literally – with their pants down. Bears coach Lovie Smith was glad to be in town, but expected there to be a more significant differential from the frigid temperatures they left behind.

"We left Chicago in the 20s with snow and expected sunshine, clear skies and weather in the 70’s,” Smith said during a 20 minute news conference at the Bears' hotel. "In fact, I told the guys to pack light – shorts, flip-flops, don’t forget sun block and your Ray-Bans. Then we step off the plane and we’re smack dab in 60 degree weather with stiff tropical winds. The last thing we need is for our guys to catch a cold. We gameplanned for just about everything, but you can't gameplan a common cold."

The surprisingly chilly South Florida air made the five minute bus ride to the hotel an ordeal.

“Damn, it was cold,” said Bears star linebacker Brian Urbacher. “I’m expecting waves of tropical heat, not to mention barely dressed South Beach babes lining the route from the airport. But all I’m thinking is, shit, I can’t wait to get to the hotel for a hot chocolate and warm bath.”

Some Bears players are privately concerned that the lack of preparation will have a spill-over effect when they play the Colts on Sunday.

“You know, we’ve got all this technology to help us prepare and nobody thinks to check into the weather channel for a seven day forecast,” said offensive tackle Patrick Mannelly. “How we didn’t know a cold front was moving in is inexcusable.”

Seldom-used rookie lineman Biff Bigelow, a meteorology major from Texas A&M, said he tried warning the coaching staff about the Arctic winds expected to send a chill through the region, but was told repeatedly "to shut the fuck up."

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