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Jubilant Phillies Fans Overturn Cars, Vans, and Dom DeLuise

Dom DeLuise and rioters

Flip That House? Well, almost as rotund comic Dom DeLuise gets overturned in manic Phillies celebration.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) After twenty-five years of frustration in not seeing any of their four major sports teams win a championship of any kind, the Philadelphia Phillies have won the 2008 World Series.
Closer Brad Lidge fanned pinch hitter Eric Hinske and the party began.
The celebration soon spilled out onto the streets of Philadelphia. Riot police were called on to calm some isolated flare ups, including fans overturning a news vehicle, cars, and vans. What came as a shock to most was when a group of fans flipped over rotund funnyman Dom DeLuise.
“That fucker was fighting us all the way,” said 27 year old Danny Falcucci of nearby Paoli, Pennsylvania. “But he finally went over. I heard he used to be on TV.”
DeLuise, who appeared in several Mel Brooks comedies, and has authored several cook books has long battled a weight problem.  An avid baseball fan, DeLuise has gone to several World Series clinchers in his life but claims this is the first time he’s been overturned in a post game celebration.
“Mamma Mia, those people love a good time,” the 75 year old comic actor quipped. “I did my best to get away from them, but they weren’t going to be denied on a night like this. I saw them flip over a customized Chrysler van, and a dump truck. I guess I was the third jewel in the Triple Crown.”
DeLuise was taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for some scratches and cuts, and was released an hour later.  
“The overturning of DeLuise was not a pretty thing,” said police officer Travis Johnson. “That boy’s fat folds were oily and slick. I just hope the perpetrators of this heinous act are happy. It sure made me laugh like a motherfucker – even though I had to toss their sorry asses in the clink.”

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