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David Blaine to Watch Entire World Series Without Moving from Living Room Couch

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David Blaine as he's being lifted to the window of his penthouse suite and lowered onto the couch where he will withstand what's expected to be one of the least-watched World Series since the advent of TV.   

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily) — Just weeks after hanging upside down  for 60 hours, legendary magician and endurance artist David Blaine announced his latest feat of mind-bending endurance: he will watch every inning of the massively unanticipated Phillies-Rays series without leaving his living room couch.  Contrary to the wishes of most fans outside of Tampa and Philadelphia, the world’s most celebrated masochist is actually rooting for the series to go seven games, as it will ratchet up the drama and add an element of difficulty to the stunt.        
“Being encased in ice for 60 hours or being entombed in an underground box underneath a 3-ton water-filled tank for seven days is easier than it looks,” said Blaine. “It’s not the physical discomfort so much as the boredom and mental fatigue. While sitting on my back watching the series from a large screen TV may appear less dramatic than being suspended in a box for three weeks over the Thames, it will require every bit as much focus and mental stamina. I will watch every inning of every game…which is actually only part of the challenge, as I’ll also be watching the rest of Fox’s regular programming between games.  I suppose I could change the channel or get up for a beer, but where’s the challenge in that?”
The World Series pits teams from the 4th- and 12th-largest media markets in the U.S. against each other, said Ed Goren , president of News Corp.'s Fox Sports, which will televise the Fall Classic.
“I'm not on a cell phone hanging off the ledge of a building,'' Fox's Goren said. “It's a little premature. Let’s give it a couple of games before we call it a ratings disaster of historic proportions.”
“Now there’s an idea I might be able to work with,” said Blaine, upon hearing Goren’s remarks.  “Hanging from the edge of a leather couch doesn’t quite have the same drama.  Maybe if we rigged a loaded gun to fire if I tried switching the channel or getting up to take a leak. Or if we had Tim McCarver at couch-side providing commentary. Maybe we have both – the gun will come in handy if McCarver gets on my nerves. In the past three years he’s caused me to go all Elvis on three TVs. Shooting McCarver without the media filter – now that’s change we can believe in.”     

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