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One of World’s Fastest Guitarists, Al Di Meola to Play National Anthem for Impatient Giants Fans

Al Di Miola

Star Spangled Jammer. Fusion guitar legend Al Di Meola will lay down his lightning fast version of the National Anthem this Sunday in Giants Stadium.

NEW YORK, NY (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) “Just gimme my football,” said Anthony Bottaro, a diehard New York Giants fan from Garden City, New York, echoing a sentiment many Giants fans are feeling these days.

Next Sunday, he’ll get his wish.

The New York Giants fans are gearing up for a potential second straight trip to the Super Bowl. Their team has gotten off to a quick start (8-1) and being in the New York metro where things happen at an accelerated rate, fans want to cut right to the chase. No pomp and circumstance. No pre-game festivities. And most notably, a brief version of the National Anthem. That’s why on Sunday when the team hosts the Baltimore Ravens at 1PM, one of their hometown boys will do the honor of playing The Star Spangled Banner.

World renowned jazz-rock fusion guitarist Al Di Meola hails from Tenafly, New Jersey and is a huge Giants fan. Di Meola’s guitar playing comes at a breakneck speed and is perfectly suited to give the fans exactly what they want – a blazing fast tip of a cap to the nation and an on-time kickoff.

“I was pretty surprised when I got the call,” said the 54 year old Hall of Fame guitar player. “I think I can bring the tune to a close in about 12 seconds. I hope that’ll do the trick.”  

Most likely it will.

The Giants had considered asking shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Angelo Batio, or Dimebag Darrell to do the honors, but none could accurately name the Giants starting defensive line. Di Meola easily named the players as well as their stats.

Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin says he’s looking forward to Di Meola’s performance.
“It’ll be a nice change of pace from all these singers who stretch the dang thing out to Kingdom Come,” said the veteran NFL coach. “Quite frankly I find the vocal gymnastics and departure from the intended melody self-serving and cringe inducing. Di Meola will blow through those changes like Clinton Portis running through a Pop Warner team – not mention do it with class and toss in a super locrian scale over a burning 7/8 rhythm, which is something 80,242 screaming fans can appreciate.”    

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