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Wilt Chamberlain's 20,000 Women Banged Finally To Be Honored by NBA

Former Teammates Say Nod Long Overdue

first aid kit

Pillow/first aid kit that Chamberlain carried with him from city to city, providing both comfort and immediate medical assistance to the thousands he bedded/injured. The pillow will be enshrined during ceremony honoring the NBA legend

Philadelphia, PA (The Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) -- Next week the most dominant player of his or arguably any era in professional basketball will receive a posthumous honor for his exploits off the court. Wilt Chamberlain, who passed away in 1999, won NBA titles in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and still holds several NBA records to this day, but perhaps no record is more astonishing than the amount of women the Hall of Famer professed he slept with.

Chamberlain boldly stated in his second autobiography, "A View from Above" that he had sex with 20,000 different women. Though the basketball great's staggering claim has been refuted by many, the NBA still feels given Chamberlain's status, it is fitting the achievement be officially recognized. "At first we wanted to get one large photo of all the ladies he screwed and raise it to the rafters of every arena in the league," said NBA spokesman Larry Chismar. "But no one could find a lens that could photograph 20,000 women. So we're just hoping to find a nice picture of a smiling Wilt with his dick in his hand. We think that's significantly more appropriate."

"It's about fuckin' time, -- which was actually the working title of Wilt's unpublished third autobiography, "It's About Fucking Time," said former teammate and fellow Hall of Famer Hal Greer. "I'd see that dude plow three or four ladies a night easy. I remember the night he scored 100 points. He actually scored 125, if you catch my drift."

Another former teammate Billy Cunningham agrees. "Wilt had them lined up around the block. All kinds of women. He'd turn on that charm and they were putty in his hands. He'd sing them songs as he was getting down to business. He had a heluva singing voice. Anything by Little Anthony and the Imperials and you knew he had at least three women going at the same time. Sometimes we'd just walk in and sing with him."

But Alice Tinsley of Camden, New Jersey claims she slept with Wilt at least 1,000 times which may actually lower the alleged "different women" total. "I used to wear my hair differently all the time," the 63 year old Tinsley said. "He was always calling me Ashley, Allison, Alberta, Annie, Alva, Aida, everything but Alice. So who knows? He may have lost count after he started tappin' my ass."

Also, a former producer of the acclaimed children's show, Sesame Street, says that during an appearance in the mid-70s, Wilt had relations with seven "extras." "If you count puppets, add seven to Wilt's final tally. If you don't count puppets - and frankly I don't - you may want to subtract seven since it's likely there are at least that many willing puppets -- and Lord knows what else -- among the 20,000 he allegedly bedded."

NBA great Bill Walton says the actual total doesn't matter. "Wilt was as prodigious off the court as on. The number was way, way up there. I don't give a shit what Alice Tinsley says. She was passed around the league more times than a roach clip at a Grateful Dead concert. And I should know."

UPDATE: Publishers to mark occasion by releasing"A View from Below," wherein 17,181 of his s conquests weigh in on Wilt's patented 12 second technique.

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