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Missing Chapter of Valerie Plame Wilson’s Book Discovered; “One Day at a Redskins Game with Dick Cheney”

Valerie Plame Wilson

I spy with my little erlkjh askf skjhw efjkhw ef. Former CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson attempts to tell all in a recently uncovered missing chapter from her new book -- much to the Vice President’s chagrin.

WASHINGTON, DC (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Valerie Plame Wilson, the attractive United State CIA officer whose cover was blown by the Bush administration, had been making the rounds on the talk show circuit in recent weeks. Now that the writer’s strike is in full force, talk shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman are in reruns. Unfortunately for them, they’re missing out on perhaps the most intriguing development since the tell-all book, Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House hit stores.

A missing chapter the CIA felt was too sensitive has fallen into the hands of the editors of The Sportsman’s Daily. As in the case of many of the book’s passages, classified information has been redacted. The following is an excerpt from the chapter entitled, One Day at a Redskins Game with Dick Cheney.

...In my line of work it isn’t often I get to enjoy much of what regular Americans take for granted – picnics in the park, going to the movies, seeing a ballgame with my husband. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska a place where professional sports doesn’t always make the front page. So when I lived in Washington, I enjoyed taking in Wizards games and Capitols games. One time I received a call from the office of the Vice President to see if I’d like to join him and some of his staff at a Redskins-Eagles game. I was thrilled at the prospect. My husband Joe was out of town, and I was looking for something to pass the time.

I met Vice President Cheney and three of his staffers at ;gfqe;f;w lefh;qwj ehf;qwjehf;qwefx;qhef;hqwef;jwe;jfhqwkjefhlqkwehffwfq;wef;kljqe;lkjqk e wf ;qw;kjq ;f;q;efkj Qe;kfq; q;qwef;klj; q;;qkljf ;qkej ; qwe;lkj q;lkj qw;; q;klj efdwqdfjlwkej ;; qw;ekj q; \q;kej q;wkej ;qkjef ; q;elf qw; fq;kj fq;kj q;kef q;lkj fq;qw;e;kjqfwqef. It was cold, but I still dressed in a qe’lqwke’lf; q’l;ekf ‘qlwke f’l;qkw e’;lq’;lwk q’q qw;ekf;qlkje q;wlkejf ;qlkj q;ekf q;welf at the Vice President’s request. He asked his staffers to step outside the luxury box for about ten minutes. He leaned over to me and w;lkrj;wqlkjf ;qlef;qlkwje;lqkqwlekjf;qejf; q;lekj fq;lkj q q;klj fq;lkwef;kjqe;lj qwlwlelkjwl welkfj wlekj wlk. Naturally I was bit surprised, but told him q.,q.,menf qenn qwjfwqlkq welk qefhwehfwwf whehfwhwhf wwjflkekf wkefkje kee ek ekfwjf wl wjflwekfjwje fk wkefq wjrjf uwuskgvnsofsofns.

In a scoreless game in the second quarter, The Eagles had the ball and were driving. It was first and ten on the Redskins twenty-three yard line. “Boy that Donovan McNabb sure we;kwr;kw w;lkrjf w;lkjf wrjrjejgf jre;r jrfjeie jhdwe dfddfdf dfdfdf ;lkj wlf wlkjf wlkj fw flwelkj f Wjflwkje fwkjf wlk j f wkefkj wlkf whbehfwelkjfwle f wl” the Vice President joked. “I enjoy watching young African-American athletes as I wfwe flkjw f Wlkfwlkj fehe rjflwjhe flwkje fwljj fwlkj e wlf eughHDHF WLJF jslkj slkdj fs.” he added.

I wasn’t really very appreciative of the Vice President’s humor, but I didn’t want to make waves. Then he told me he was working on a secret plan to attack Iran, Syria and The Sudan beginning in May of 2008. “If you look at the way the Redskins are lined up on defense,” he told me. “You can get a pretty damn good idea of what I’ve got in mind.” Then Mr. Cheney opened up an attaché case filled with dwfwfw fh wlfhwfh lwhf wl Whe wlf whejfhw jh wjh wj wjhf jwe f;lksjhhsjf ahd flksajh fs. I hadn’t seen anything that microscopic before. He reached down around my fwlef wef jw;kjw rg wr;kj e fnw ekfj w and then began to fjw f;klj q glekj ge skfkwj eflkj f wlkj f wkd hsj wlf w; jej fskj fs. I’d like to divulge what happened next, but let’s just say for the security of the nation and my personal well being, the Eagles won.

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