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Tiger’s Caddy Thrashes Mickelson Fan with Sand Wedge; Apologizes for “Ill-Advised” Club Selection

tiger and williams

Tiger playfully defends as Williams demonstrates bitch-slapping he promises to give Mickelson when their paths cross.

NEW ZEALAND (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) One of the least well-guarded secrets on the PGA tour is the up and down relationship between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. That relationship took a sharp downward turn this past weekend when Tiger’s caddy Steve Williams made his feelings toward the world’s number three golfer known during a charity event in New Zealand.

While Williams later admitted to not “particularly liking the guy,” it was his unprovoked assault of a self-professed Mickelson fan earlier in the day that first raised eyebrows.

“I just said hello and reached out my hand,” said Kent Smith, the 42 year-old Mickelson fan managed to stave off Williams’ wildly flailing sand wedge. “He just assumed I was a Mickelson fan because I was wearing a Bearing Point cap and a shit-eating grin. The next thing I know three David Duvall fans – I didn’t know he had any – are pulling this maniac off me, as he’s calling me every name in the book. It was quite a shock, let me tell you.”

“Stevie Williams’ club selection is damn near impeccable,” said event organizer Jemaine Clement. “Though his choice of words is far less so, particularly when the words Phil Mickelson -- or just Mickelson or Lefty -- are mentioned. He just goes nuts.”

Shortly after the incident, Williams elaborated a bit more on his feelings toward Mickelson.

“He pays me no respect at all and hence I don't pay him any respect. It's no secret we absolutely can’t stand the sight of each other.”  

“You mean he hit the guy with a sand wedge and didn’t send him to the hospital?” asked an amused Mickelson when told of the incident. “No wonder, he’s probably still using those Nikes.” Several years ago Mickelson caused a stir when he said Woods’ Nike clubs were technically inferior – just after Woods signed a major endorsement deal with the company.

“Phil shouldn’t take it personally,” said Woods, brushing the comments aside. “Phil’s not the only guy Stevie’s not crazy about. Ask him about Vijay (Singh)…or better yet, Sergio (Garcia).”   

“Garcia?” Williams virtually spat. “Singh? Can’t stand ‘em. Ditto for (Jim) Furyk and (Ernie) Els. And let’s not forget Stuart fucking Appleby. Jeee-sus H. Christ! Fuck ‘em, fuck ‘em every last one.” Williams seethed, then paused as though assessing a tricky green. “Did Tiger put you up to this? You know what…fuck Tiger too. Fuck him and fuck these shitty Nikes…you hit someone with a sand wedge you expect to be sending him to the fucking hospital. Bad club selection, just terrible. It’s a bleeding fucking embarrassment.”  

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