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It’s Official: NY Knicks Offer Rudy Giuliani Head Coaching Job

Rudy Giuliani

Yesss!! And it stinks! Will Rudy's law-and-order style finally get the Knicks moving in the right direction? Will sponsors pull out? Will fans boo him more than Isiah? Tune into MSG Knicks fans and find out.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — The New York Knicks have offered Rudy Giuliani the team’s head coaching job. Shortly after he came in a disappointing third in the Republican presidential primary in Florida on Jan. 29, the wheels were put into motion to get the deal done The Sportsman's Daily has learned. The deal may have been sealed for as much as a week, but Giuliani needed to ok things with his myriad love interests.

A source close to the Knicks confirmed that the job offer was made before the former New York City mayor officially dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race on Jan. 30 and threw his support to rival John McCain.

The source -- who asked not to be identified, fearing a variety of retribution including water boarding, and being forced to inhale next to the guy who sells umbrellas in front of Macy’s -- said the Knicks were concerned that McCain might offer Giuliani the vice presidency. The NBA franchise wanted to tender their offer before Giuliani made any decisions about his future.

No financial terms were disclosed, but the Knicks said Giuliani could bring along former New York City Police Chief Bernard Kerik as assistant coach as part of the deal.

Current Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas said he's heard nothing about the Giuliani offer. "I am the head coach until I get fired or the season ends, whichever comes first," Thomas said. It's no secret that Thomas' job has been on the line most of the season. In an extremely candid moment, Thomas acknowledged that the Knicks' poor performance has been getting to him psychologically. "The other day I woke up, looked in the mirror, and booed," he said.

The Knicks are well aware that Giuliani has led New Yorkers through dark times before. As the Knicks languish in last place in the NBA’s Atlantic Division, things are looking pretty bleak.

The source confirmed, "The Knicks know Giuliani understands what it's like to have your supporters abandon you. After all, he was in danger of losing New York in the Republican presidential primary. We are in danger of losing New York as well. If the Nets start playing better, our fans are going to be over in Jersey--how embarrassing is that?"

The Knicks also feel that Giuliani can stop the incessant booing in Madison Square Garden, and the management also loves his background as a U.S. attorney. "Face it: The Knicks have a disciplinary problem, and the team believes Giuliani will impose law and order on the unruly organization," the source said. The team's disciplinary problems were brought to light by a sexual harassment lawsuit last year, in which Thomas himself was charged.

The Knicks know that Giuliani's better versed in baseball than in basketball, and he's never hidden the fact that he's a New York Yankees fan. But the Knicks are winning so few games now that management is convinced that Giuliani can at least equal Thomas' record. And at least the team will behave themselves.

The source said, "These guys are gonna know there's a new sheriff in town --literally." The source added that the Knicks are overjoyed with Giuliani's law-and-order background, feeling that he can launch a worldwide manhunt for players. "We know there are guys out there who can play pro basketball -- they just keep eluding our scouts. Giuliani won't stop 'til he tracks them down: Just ask the mob."

Giuliani would neither confirm nor deny the Knicks offer, but did say that the happiness of fans at Madison Square Garden has always been one of his chief concerns.

The New York Knicks' senior vice president, Glen Grunwald, would not confirm the Giuliani offer, but did admit that he's daydreamed about having Giuliani on the Knicks bench, especially after rumors began circulating that the WNBA's New York Liberty wanted to offer their head coaching job to Hillary Clinton.

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