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Dolphins’ Brown Said Before Injury in Last Game: “I’m Gonna Play This One Like It’s My Last Game”

Classic Sports Clichés Often Prove Prophetic and Unfortunate


What can Brown do for you? Apparently nothing till next year. The Miami Dolphins lone bright spot in a dismal season is now forced to watch the rest of the schedule from his media room surrounded by smokin’ hot ladies. Damn Dawg!

MIAMI, FL (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — To say the Miami Dolphins are struggling mightily this year would be an understatement. Besides being outmanned on both sides of the ball, their star running back and the lone bright spot on the team, Ronnie Brown is out for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. The injury was suffered in last Sunday’s 49-28 blowout loss to the front-running New England Patriots. The Dolphins went into this game with a “nothing to lose” attitude which was echoed by Brown when he said minutes before taking the field, “I’m playing this one like it’s my last game.” Unfortunately for him, it is his last game - at least for the 2007 season.

“I thought it was the thing to say, you know,” said Brown. “I didn’t mean it like it was gonna be my actual last game. Maybe I jinxed myself. Who knows?”

There are other sports mantras or cliché’s that have eerily come true. “I’d like to take this one game at a time,” said former (NSA – National Soccer Association) Toledo Spires player George Kapsis in 1977. The fledgling league folded the next day. Perhaps the most horrifying example of a sports cliché gone awry was when former CBA basketball journeyman Luther Willingham stated before a November 21, 1977 game “I’ve been on fire, and I don’t plan on cooling off.” Then, with three-minutes and forty-two seconds remaining in the second quarter the Allentown Jets starting guard spontaneously combusted and burned to a cinder before the 3,459 horrified fans in attendance.

Brown’s Dolphin teammates consider him lucky. Veteran linebacker Zach Thomas said, “Cliché’s are part of the game. But you really have to watch yourself, because so is superstition. So when you take that into account, be careful what you say. You could wind up like Reg Toland.” For those unfamiliar with Toland’s bizarre circumstance, the former Australian tennis player said before a match in 1973, “I want to get inside my opponent’s head.” Which is exactly where he’s been living for more than three decades.

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