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Andy Roddick Splits with Brother; Parents to be Dealt with Next

Roddick Brothers

Despite the "guns," John Roddick (on the right) sheepishly takes abuse regularly dished out by little brother Andy.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Andy Roddick, the No. 8 seed in the U.S. Open, unceremoniously jettisoned his older brother John, who had been coaching him since Jimmy Connor resigned earlier this year. While Roddick described the unexpected parting as “amicable,” John Roddick is reported to be “angry, hurt and waiting for their parents to leave the house so he can give the little punk a sound thrashing.”

“Which begins to give you an idea of the underlying problem -- John never could deal with being employed by his younger brother, the punk kid he abused growing up,” said Rob Anson, a friend who grew up with the Roddicks in Omaha, Nebraska. “It was a weird coach-player dynamic. John would make a comment Andy didn’t like, Andy would make a comment John wouldn’t like, next think you know John’s got Andy in a headlock, Andy can’t breathe, John’s calling him little Andy Dickrod – ‘ooh, little Andy Dickrod wants him mommy now?’…and Andy’s screaming ‘I’m going to tell daddy, I’m going to tell daddy.’ Which of course just made it worse.”

Others spoke of the ever-present tension between the older and younger siblings, as it was apparent John had trouble adjusting to a subservient role.

“As the player-coach relationship developed, Andy relished the role reversal and loved nothing more than finding new ways of tormenting the guy,” said Anson. “Andy would ask John if he wanted to tag along when Andy and his girlfriend went to a movie or out for a drink. He had John do chores and would publicly threaten to withhold his ‘allowance’ if he forgot to wash the car or make Andy’s bed. It was just embarrassing.”

As the youngest of three brothers, Andy was on the receiving end of countless pranks; he has apparently taken full advantage of his “senior” status, returning the favor many times over. As a man of considerable means, he now has far more resources at his disposal than his adolescent brothers did…which give his pranks added “kick.”

“When he was ten, his older brothers left him at a huge shopping mall for two hours. Andy wandered about, confused and scared. They thought it was hilarious,” said Anson. “After Andy played a tournament in Dubai earlier this year, he arranged for a car to take them to some sheik’s compound for a party. They’re driving across the desert when a Humvee cuts them off, eight guys with guns force John out of the car, then speed off, with Andy laughing his ass off in the back seat. John’s there for two hours baking under the hot sun when another car approaches, it stops and out jump six masked men who naturally proceed to rape him and leave him for dead. Two days later John finally shows up at the hotel where the manager tells him he’s got a message – Andy left a note letting him know it was payback for stranding him in front of the Pottery Barn seventeen years earlier.”

Roddick’s parents Jim and Blanche have tried speaking to Andy and “bring him to his senses.” Andy responded through his spokesman demanding they “back off or else.”

Roddick has enlisted Patrick McEnroe as an interim coach, someone who knows a thing or two about sibling relationships.

“I went through a similar stretch with my older brother John,” said McEnroe. “I couldn’t touch him on the court, but when the sun went down and we were out clubbing, I was the one hitting the cross-court winners. It caused a lot of tension and resentment. One night he sees me leaving with a hot redhead and he blurts out, ‘you can’t be serious,’ which from that point on became his signature line. Goes to show that good things can come out of even the worst sibling relationships. I think Andy is in the perfect frame of mind to make a major run here.”

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