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Philly Eagles to Seek Refuge from Stifling Arizona Sun under Andy Reid’s Belly

 Andy Reid pushes DeSean Jackson

Go Warm Up!  Andy Reid pushes DeSean Jackson back out onto the practice field after a mandatory cool down in Arizona’s relentless heat. Jackson spent five minutes cooling under Reid’s ample girth.

PHOENIX, AZ (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) It takes a big man to handle a big job. And coaching the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game against the host Arizona Cardinals is a big job, especially under the unrelenting heat of the desert sun. That’s why Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid wants to give his players every possible advantage to meet the challenges ahead. The Eagles will be afforded the luxury of on field fans to cool them. But players agree the best place is in the shade.

“No doubt,” said explosive wide receiver DeSean Jackson. “The shade is where you want to be, and coach provides a hell of a lot of that.”
Reid, perhaps the heaviest coach in the NFL, will allow his players their water breaks while he blocks out the sun with his abundant belly.
“I’m not too worried about them,” said Reid. “As this is winter, and the daytime temps generally don’t get past the mid 70’s, but you just never know when a high pressure system can move in and you start sizzling like a slice of bacon on J-Lo’s ass. It’s just best to prepare for everything.”
“Coach has protected us from severe weather in the past,” said running back Brian Westbrook. “In a winter storm in Green Bay a couple of years back, he actually prevented the snow from accumulating on the sidelines. He’s quite a guy.”
The sheer vastness of Reid’s waist actually has an effect on developing weather patterns as well as tides.
“It’s rare, but it has been known to occur if the conditions are favorable,” said famed meteorologist, Dr. Steve Lyons. “The Reid Conundrum can take place if Andy is standing in a small lake for example. The levels can rise as much as two feet causing dangerous swells and the need for us to issue a small craft advisory. He also has been known to burn off morning fog by simply belching. He has made my job a hell of a lot more interesting.”

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