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Kobe to Leave Lakers for Solo Career

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Solo can you go?  Kobe Bryant announces his decision to start a solo career after this season. .

LOS ANGELES, CA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Kobe Bryant, the enigmatic star of the Los Angeles Lakers announced he was leaving the team at the end of the season to embark on a solo basketball career. Bryant claims creative differences as the reason for his decision.

“It’s been nice touring around with the guys and hearing all the cheers from fans across the country,” said Bryant. “But there are just certain things only a solo career can give me – a more intimate level of communication, a truer expression of my inner voice. It’s really nothing against the guys. I just need the ultimate freedom to create the way I know how to create.”
Bryant will launch his solo career in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference. The new alignment for the 2009-2010 season will look like this (alphabetically listed):
1. Bryant, Kobe
2. Denver Nuggets
3. Minnesota Timberwolves
4. Oklahoma City Thunder
5. Portland Trailblazers
6. Utah Jazz
“It was inevitable that Kobe would launch a solo career,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson. “He’s been working up to it for years.”
In a surprising rule addendum, the NBA will allow Bryant to pick up his dribble once a quarter if he were to suddenly get quintuple teamed.
“It’s only fair,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern. “The solo artist needs to have some latitude that group acts don’t necessarily need to be successful. He’s earned it.”
But some basketball insiders feel Kobe’s choice to leave the Lakers and go solo is ill-advised at this time.
“I’m not so sure I like it,” said longtime NBA columnist and analyst Peter Vecsey. “Especially in today’s economic climate, a solo career in the NBA is risky. For the record, I think LeBron tries it on a regular basis even without telling his teammates. Look, I’m sure Kobe can go certain places creatively he wouldn’t be able to go with the Lakers – but will it sell?”
“Even though there are those who are against the move,” added Bryant. “The overwhelming feeling is that I go and do this. In fact, my teammates can’t wait till I leave. I can really feel the love.”

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