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Brett Favre and Dwyane Wade Both Still Pissed Their Names Can’t Pass Many Computer Spell Checks

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Wade and see attitude. Dwyane Wade, Brett Favre and a host of other celebs who get no respect from spell checks are lining up for a fight.

REDMOND, WA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) One is considered by most to be a top five quarterback in NFL history. The other is one of the true superstars of today’s NBA. Both are unquestionably household names in sports. That’s partly why they’re standing arm in arm against computer programmers. It seems not all word document programs recognize the odd spellings of Dwyane Wade, Brett Favre and others.

“I can’t believe it,” said Wade. “What’s so hard about rewriting some software that recognizes the ‘y’ before the ‘a’ instead of the way everyone else on the planet correctly spells Dwayne? I just want to be dirrefent – uh, I mean different.”

Favre is beginning to get some traction as the latest version of Microsoft Word does recognize his name. However, not all word documents do – so he’s joining Wade in the fight.

The two are in Redmond, Washington, the home of Microsoft to make a point.

“You’re damn right, that’s why I’m here. You kidding me?” said Favre. “I had to deal with this for years – back when D Wade was still eating Trix for breakfast.”

“Amen to that dawg,” added Wade. “You try going through life with a slight tweak on the normal spelling. You get all kinds of sideways looks from people. You get telemarketers screwing it up all damn day long. But the worst is typing your name in a word doc and you get that little red squiggly line all up in there. Make’s you feel like you ain’t whole or some shit.”

Favre and Wade aren’t alone in their vocal assault on Microsoft. More people in the sports world as well as the entertainment industry are coming out against what they call “insensitive and neglectful” spell check systems.

“Yep, we got some good ones helping us out,” added Wade. “Like Edgerrin James, Dahntay Jones and Bjork. Oh, and that character actor Rene Auberjonois. I don’t care who you are, that’s one fucked up name. French people don’t recognize that one let alone Microsoft.”

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