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Family Supports Pettitte’s One-Year Deal With Yankees; Statement Issued by 14 Year Old Son Approves Deal

Andy Petite

Pettittes agree to let Andy ink one year deal with Yankees. The family is relieved to have him out of the house for the '09 campaign.

DEER PARK, Tex (Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) — After a mediocre 14-14 season and a career high ERA of 4.54 , free agent Andy Pettitte wasn’t sure he wanted to sign for another year. But with the Yankees’ signings of C. C. Sabathia, A. J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira, Petitte was determined to lock up a one year deal.  While terms would become a sticking point, a far more difficult challenge was getting his wife and children on board.  After months of intense lobbying and still no final decision in the offing, Pettitte went away on a weekend hunting trip to give his wife Laura and the family – Joshua, Jared, Luke and Lexy –  time to openly and freely discuss their future. After four hours of intense discussion, it was decided that husband, father and devout Christian Andy Pettitte would return for one year at $5.5 million, with incentives that could reach $12 million.

 “Our goal, as always, is to determine what’s best for the Pettitte family, and, of course, what’s best for Andy Pettitte, ” said Joshua Pettitte in a press release issued just before the announcement of his father’s signing. At 14 Joshua is the eldest Pettitte sibling. “Right now, with veteran pitching talent at a premium, we’d be foolish not to extend Dad another year, depending on the status of his arm and general market conditions. We thought $5.5 million with incentives was  reasonable. We were undecided on where – do we stay in NY or weigh other offers in other cities? Ultimately NY seemed the best fit.”

“I’ve been blessed with a great family that has supported me every step of the way," said Pettitte. "To tell you the truth I would have just as well hung it up as pitch another inning, but they're the ones making the sacrifices. I’m sometimes on the road weeks at a time. Other dads are there to help with the homework or drive the kids to their games. So yeah, it’s nice to re-sign with the Yankees, and the money is good, but people don’t fully understand the human element. For every plus there’s a minus.”

“Last I counted there were 5.5 million plusses,” Joshua retorted through his spokesman Herb Klein. “And as far as dad being around to help with the homework, please. Give him the ball every four, five days, and we’re all happy. He’s out of the house and we don’t have to pretend he’s really helping with the homework. Just to give you an idea – from time to time he wanders into my room late at night and asks, ‘so, two trains leave the station, they are going at what speed?’ Does that sound like someone who needs to be home more than six months out of the year?”

Family friend and pastor James Sinclair was happy for Pettitte and his family, but was visibly taken aback when Pettitte claimed that the Yankees is “where God wants me.”

“Andy Pettitte is a good man. If he said God wants him in pinstripes I’m sure that’s what he heard God say. But I heard Him say otherwise. In fact just a week ago He agreed that for Andy and Andy’s family, returning to Houston and ending his career with the Astros made the most sense. But I suppose everyone is entitled to a change of heart. Either that or my personal relationship with God is not as personal as I was lead to believe. As Freud once said, sometimes voices are just voices.”

In related news, the Red Sox have set a Saturday deadline for their offer to catcher Jason Varitek. As has become family custom, Varitek  will leave home for 24 hours as his wife and children discuss whether or not to accept the offer of $5MM for '09, with a $5MM club/$3MM player option for '10;  a white plume of smoke indicates their approval, a black plume indicates they’ve rejected the offer, while a blue-ish-grey plume indicates the house is on fire and he should call 911 immediately.

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