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Baron Davis Inspires Oakland Man to Opt Out of Fourth Year of Marriage


Unlike Baron Davis, Oakland native Nate Russell will quickly realize that opting-out doesn't always mean you have options

OAKLAND, CA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) -- Thirty-two year old Oakland native Nate Russell agonized for weeks, weighing the pros and cons of remaining with his wife of three years, or opting out in his “walk year” to test his value on the open market.

“Before gettin’ hitched I’m like, yo, let’s give it three years then see how it goes before making a decision on year four,” said Russell. “Kendra and me we had three decent years – we knew our roles and did ok. But by the time year four’s rolling around you get to wondering what else is out there – you ain’t getting any younger and you got maybe one, possibly two more big scores. When my boy Baron opted out, I’m like, yo, that’s cold shit. Left me no choice – told the bitch we done, I’m out.”

Davis shocked many around the NBA when he forfeited next season's $17.8 million salary to become an unrestricted free agent. Whether he signs with the LA Clippers, as rumored, or remains with the Warriors, this much is certain: Baron “Boom” Davis will be richly compensated for his labors.

Nate Russell, on the other hand, is far from assured his gamble will pay off. In fact, most who know Russell think he’s downright lost his mind. An assistant manager of a popular neighborhood sneaker store, Nate Russell’s odds of finding success as a free agent –given the less-than-robust market for men in their early 30’s pulling down minimum-wage – are comically slim.

“Quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s the right move,” said Calvin O’Neal, Russell’s boss and owner of The Sneaker Emporium, who suddenly shifted into network analyst mode. “He’ll get paid wherever he go, that’s not the issue. Thing is, if he go to the Clips, how he play in Dunleavy’s system? Nellie lets Boom create, which is Boom’s game. Not sure I like the move.”

When O’Neal’s attention was redirected to Russell and his pending free agency, he paused for several moments to let the concept sink in.

“Say wha? That boy out his mind. Shee-it. If you see that no account fool walking around town, let him know he better make his four o’clock shift or I’ll be opting his ass out the store and into the parking lot.”

Kendra Russell, Nate’s no-nonsense wife of three years, and a nail technician at a local salon, rolled her eyes at her husband’s latest foolishness. “Yeah, I heard about it, some of the girls was talking. What you got to understand is Nate Russell’s got the intelligence of wet cement. If you see him around, tell him I expect his scrawny black behind back at the house by 6 PM. And tell him to bring dessert. Opt out my ass.”

Russell, however, remains unfazed by the “haters and doubters,” and feels confident he made the right move.

“I ain’t stupid, I know I ain’t in the same free agent class from a bitch perspective as Boom or Gilbert (Arenas). The max deals get done first, once they out the way, I’ll be getting some sniffs, believe me. Fact, I already got some sniffs, but I ain’t interested in no crack whores, them day’s is over.” Russell paused, his bravado visibly draining from his face. “You know, Kendra’s got some plusses – she tighten her game, give me more freedom to create, I’ll give her a chance. Maybe we work something out, lock up another three, then see what else is out there.”

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