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Who’s Stupid Now? Barkley Challenges LeBron to Go Head to Head on Jeopardy

Charles Barkley and LeBron James

I’ll take Hungarian War Heroes for Five-Hundred Alex. Will Charles Barkley and LeBron James square off on Jeopardy? The ball’s in James’ court.    

CLEVELAND, OH (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) LeBron James’ answer to Charles Barkley telling him to “shut the hell up” was simple – “He’s stupid,” said James. “That’s all I have to say about that.”  

Now the two may square off on Jeopardy to see who really is “the stupid one.”

Barkley threw down the gauntlet after James made the remark phoning the show’s producers and officially challenging the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

“I am definitely not as stupid as young King James says I is,” said Barkley. “I intend to dazzle that palooka with my vast knowledge of well roundedness and various and sundry items.”

The question that remains is will James take Barkley up on his offer?

Las Vegas odds makers already have Barkley as a 3-1 favorite, even though James is yet to accept the challenge.

“How can he not accept?” said Tony Vitelli, a veteran Vegas insider. “He’s got to save face. I like Barkley in this one. He’s lived longer. He knows more.”  

So far, no one in James camp is talking. But longtime host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek is.

“I would be more than thrilled to serve as host for this ‘clash of the titans,’” said Trebek accentuating his remark with air quotes. “I’ve known Charles for years, and though some have labeled him as abhorrent and trenchant, I’ve personally found him to be capricious with a certain demure insouciance who will only occasionally pepper his delightful Barkley-speak with a pinch of Machiavellian whimsy.”

“Alex and I go way back, but I have no idea what the fuck he’s talkin’ about,” Barkley quipped. “Sorry kids. Sorry for saying ‘fuck’ like that. But remember, like I always says, ‘I ain’t no role model.’”

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