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Blagojevich Update: Gov Was to Join as Fifth Beatle in 1965 Version of National Anthem at Yankee Stadium

John, Paul, George, Ringo and Rod. Troubled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich played organ with the Beatles for almost two months. Pictured in here in this 1965 promotional shot, Blagojevich is the only Beatle not looking into the camera, which some fans considered to be a sign he was cursed.  

Listen to the Beatles recount their experiences with Rod here

NEW YORK, NY (Special to the Sportsman’s Daily) Rod Blagojevich, the Illinois Governor who has several serious charges mounting against him, it is now reported has lived a double life. Blagojevich claims to be fifty-two years old, however there is substantial evidence that indicates he is at least fifteen years older than that.

For a short time in the summer of 1965, Blagojevich was a working member of the Beatles. He had spent hours in the studio behind the scenes working with Producer George Martin as well as song writers John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

He was touring with the group in the United States were they were scheduled to sing The Star Spangled Banner before a Yankees-Senators game on Friday, July 16. Shortstop Phil Linz in particular was excited to hear the band.

“The game was a not a sellout because the decision to have the band perform the National Anthem was a last minute decision,” said the light hitting Linz. “But I was excited. I raised my batting average to .217.”

Blagojevich never performed with the band at the Yankees Stadium after a fist fight with manager Brian Epstein.

Still, Rod’s appeal was immediate, especially with female fans. His menacing glare and arrogant persona dwarfed John Lennon’s supposed bad boy image.

“Between June 14th and August 5th of ’65 Rod was a constant,” said Martin, who kept extensive recording session notes. “If I could best describe him, it would have to be as the ‘abusive Beatle.’ His impulsive obscenity-dripping outbursts especially directed at Paul made for some challenging sessions. He did contribute some marvelous lyrics to a never released tune called I Touched a Dog – the Dog is Paul shortly before he leaped over the drum kit to strangle Ringo with some piano wire. It became obvious after that we would have to move on.”

Beatles memorabilia featuring Blagojevich is extremely rare and quite valuable. A series of photos were taken on July 20th of 1965 and he did play two shows with the band, both in Australia.

“His organ playing was marvelous,” said Martin. “But he got drunk a lot and abused pills. This led to persistent and unscheduled dissonant tone clusters that ruined nearly every song the boys would perform.”    

Some partial recordings of the band members discussing Blagojevich’s temper tantrums were made by an unknown studio engineer during making of Rubber Soul. They were included in a BBC radio program that was produced earlier this year.

Though Blagojevich has no recollection of ever playing with the Beatles, the evidence is indisputable – which opens up an entirely new chapter into the ongoing political soap opera – just how old is he?

“How old is he?” says Martin. “Let me just say he’s older than you can imagine. I would say he made some kind of Faustian deal centuries ago and probably knew Socrates personally.”  

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